Simultaneous Interpreting Booths and Equipment Required?

We are able to provide you with the full support for conferences. Our interpreting booths and equipment includes:
• Delegate headsets
• Interpretation booths
• Microphones
• Transmission systems
• Projector Screens

Our dedicated Project Manager will work with you to decide what is required for your event and will provide you with an individual quotation.

Small meeting or guided tours?
 We can provide portable simultaneous interpreting equipment.

Portable equipment is used for smaller groups or guided tours, where the delegates and interpreters must move with the speaker. Such equipment enable interpreters or guides to talk to groups of people on the move, while they visit places, exhibitions or factories. Portable simultaneous interpreting requires no set up and is ready to use straight away.

We promise to deliver the best interpretation equipment every time. Please contact us NOW for more details.